The new infrastructure also represents a great leap in comparison to the old airport, as the landing strip is 4,100 meters long, meaning 980 meters longer than the old airport’s, ensuring greater security for flights and direct, nonstop, connections between Quito and cities all around the World.

Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Sucre Located about 18 kilometres (11 mi) at the east of Quito. It isa few miles outside the city, between the towns of Tababela and Puembo. You no longer need to pay an airport fee when leaving Quito by air (2/2011), because since February 2011 international fares started including the tax in the price of the ticket.

The travel time from the new airport to Quito can range from 45 to 60 minutes (depending on the place you would like to go, and which form of transportation you choose:

Public Bus: A public bus travels between the airport and the city. Coming from the international arrivals, look for the sign ‘transporte colectivo’. You will find the local bus (green, modern bus) right next to the taxi line. Buses depart every 15 min to Rio Coca terminal (service from 6.20 am to 9.30 pm for Airport –> Rio Coca terminal and from 5.45 am to 9.30 pm Rio Coca –> Airport) and will cost you $2. After about 1 h you will arrive in Rio Coca terminal where you can switch to a Metrobus Rojo that can bring you to Mariscal Sucre or the Old town within 30 min and for $ 0.25. If you are going to the airport, Rio Coca is the last stop on the red line.

Airport Express Bus: The express bus departs from the old Quito airport and goes directly to the new airport without stops. The buses have free WiFi. Journey Time: up to 1 hr. Departs: every 20-30 min/24 hours per day. Cost: $8. Tickets can be purchased on-line and also at both of both airports. You are permitted 1 piece of luggage up to 23 kg, and one piece of hand luggage. For additional luggage, there is a surcharge of US$2 and for over sized luggage the surcharge is US$2.50.
Aero Servicios
Principal: Av. Amazonas and Av. de la Prensa
Phone: 0990596897

Taxis: The estimated cost of a taxi between the city and airport is US$22-46. Taxis have a fixed fare towards and from the airport, which varies depending on which part of Quito you are travelling to. Towards the airport the fare is generally around 2$ less expensive than from the airport. The fare for the most probable tourist destinations (La Mariscal area) is 24$. If your destination is in the Tumbaco Valley (where Cumbaya is located), the fare is 13,5$, from the airport.

To move in the city see the map of Quito.

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