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The National Institute for Public Health Research of Ecuador ( INSPI ) is organizing the «3rd International & Interdisciplinary Workshop on Mathematical Modeling, Ecology, Evolution, Health, Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America» from 18 to 22 July 2016 in Quito, Ecuador. This scientific event will be the continuation of previous events held in the US and Colombia.

This interdisciplinary workshop is a collaborative effort involving national and international institutions to join the expertise of prestigious researchers working in different fields of science to present the latest research and join efforts to develop collaborative research. The meeting will encompass different fields such as mathematical modeling, molecular biology, ecology, evolution, public health, and others to identify the challenges and opportunities associated with Latin America. One of the things that distinguishes the IIWEE 2016 is the unique blend of scientific fields from basic to practical, such as mathematical modeling, molecular biology, ecology, evolution, geomatic and public health, focused to address common problems and challenges in Latin America. In addition, this meeting will highlight the use of mathematical models as powerful tools that can be used in different fields of science. The IIWEE 2016 is bringing together scientists from many countries allowing the opportunity for close exchange and communication between them.
Varsovia E. Cevallos, Ph.D.
National Center for Research and Reference in Vectors (CIREV)
Instituto Nacional de Investigación en Salud Pública – INSPI

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Opening of registration April 6, 2016
Opening of poster submissions April 6, 2016
Deadline: Syllabus submissions (only for speakers except plenary) July 5,
Deadline: For registration July 10, 2016
Deadline: Poster submissions July 10, 2016
Deadline: Upload presentations (only for speakers) July 18, 2016